Fund Raising Ideas
for GLBT Campus Organizations

This page is meant to be a work in progress. As campus organizations struggle with lack of adequate funding for their programs we look more and more for outside help. There are places on campus as well as in the community to get help with funding.


       The problems in finding money for projects (pride, guest speakers, film nights, dances, etc.) is not going to end soon. It looks like funding for education and the "extras" will continue to diminish. You need to be aware of how to tap into the dollars that are left. Remember, our projects and speakers are just as important as the other college sponsored events that take place on your campus weekly.

       I have listed some ideas here for you to try. Most of these have been successfully used by other campus GLBT organizations. If you have other ideas, please e-mail me and share them with everyone else. I will include them on this page. We can all learn from each other.

       The most important thing to remember as you start this process is that you are developing relationships and a network of allies at the same time. Start with the people you know.

       Your schools Student Activities Committee is a good place to go for funding especially if your school has an inclusive diversity policy, or professes to be accepting of diversity. (I followed Newt Gingrinch into one campus, a week after his lecture when students insisted that all views be available to students and staff.) This is probably your biggest source of funding.

       With a little effort, organizations can almost always get departments to help co-sponsor presentations like mine. Some of the Departments and campus organizations that have co-sponsored my presentationin the past include: Women's Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, Psychology, Social Work, Diversity in the Workplace, Health and Wellness Office, Education/Teaching, Communications, History, Wellness Center, Office of the Chaplin, Multi culture Affairs, Learning and Teaching Center, Human Sexuality Endowment Fund,Vice-President for Student Services-Operations, University Union Board, Student Senate, President's Task force to end Homophobia, Inter-Hall Council, Black Student Association, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Visiting Lecturer's Committee, University Housing & Dining Services, International Fellowship Club, Women's Center, Alumni Associations, Faculty Development Committee, Diversity Lecturer's Series. Try some fund raising and networking. You might be surprised to find who some of your allies and friends are. I have also spoke in sponsoring departments classes when I am on campus or to a session with many classes. Just ask.

       Link up with other events on campus where you might fit in. I have keynoted Womens History Month, Multicultural Forums and Women's Issues & Awareness Days on campus where all issues were talked about and presented from cheerleading, sororities, women's studies, date rape, abuse, women's health care, sports, lesbian issues as well as transgender issues just to name a few.

       If your school has a diversity committee, or a faculty member responsible for diversity on campus, check with them. Does your schools diversity statement include "gender identity or expression". If not, maybe you can talk to them about starting the dialog on transgender issues so that your school can be truly inclusive. The definition of diversity is expanding and changing! I can help start these dialogs and discussions.

       Sometimes if you approach your college president or one of your deans with a request for partial funding of an event they are willing to help. If you can get a face to face meeting it is always better. Also, have some funding in place before asking so that they know that they are just a part of the overall funding. Let them know the diversity piece of learning about different kinds of people that most folks don't know much about. Be will prepared when you do this. But know that it has worked. Even $50 or $100 is helpful in reaching your goal.

       Another resource is local glbt organizations that are not on campus. P-Flag, Rainbow Families, GLSEN, local glbt establishments (bars, etc.). Sometimes they will co-sponsor an event so that their members can also attend. They can also get their name mentioned as co-sponsors on all posters and promotional materials. (I can also list them as co-sponsors on my opening slide in my power point presentation at the actual presentation) Other times they will flat out help with funding an event if asked. Most adult glbt organizations like helping out when younger GLBT people are involved. It will also strengthen your organization when you make ties and coalitions with other organizations. If your school has a glbt staff or faculty organization or a glbt alumni organization, be sure to contact them. And don't forget glbt "friendly" organizations and establishments. Sometimes when approached, they will help. Try to be creative and think out side the box.

       When I come to a campus we almost always schedule an informal dinner before the presentation with the sponsoring organization and other campus guests. (Some schools invite GLBT friendly Professors, Department Chairs, Diversity Directors, Deans, and even College Presidents.) It is an excellent time to contact and talk with supporters and possible allies. One organization even sold tickets to this dinner as part of their fundraising efforts. I talked briefly after dinner and answered a few questions before we left for the actual presentation.

       Sometimes people are uncomfortable with us as GLBT people because they feel they don't know us, or know anyone like us. Start to get to know these people and get them involved with our projects. Also, if you have time, try to get involved with the projects of our allies as out and proud GLBT people. They need to see us active and involved in all aspects of the campus community.

       This is only a small start. Please e-mail me ( with your suggestions, things that have been successful for you and your organization and I will include them here. We can all help each other.

       Good luck.

Debra Davis & the Gender Education Center
P.O. Box 1861, Maple Grove, MN 55311
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