How to get events co-sponsored

for LGBT Campus activities

This page is meant to be a work in progress. As campus organizations struggle with lack of adequate funding for their programs we look more and more for outside help. There are places on campus as well as in the community to get help with funding. By enlisting other organizations to help co-sponsor your event you can not only get some financial help, but also help in promoting and letting others know about your event. This also lets co-sponsors know about your organization and your activities. With the right co-sponsors your event can have more credability and will attract a larger and more diverse audience.

Most successful events have co-sponsors.


       The problems in finding money for projects (pride, guest speakers, film nights, dances, etc.) is not going to end soon. It looks like funding for education and the "extras" will continue to diminish. You need to be aware of how to tap into the dollars that are left. Remember, our projects and speakers are just as important as the other college sponsored events that take place on your campus weekly.

       Getting other organizations and establishments to co-sponsor an event is an easy and effective way to help fundraising, promotion and visibility. I have listed some ideas here for you to try. Most of these have been successfully used by other campus GLBT organizations. If you have other ideas, please e-mail me and share them with everyone else. I will include them on this page. We can all learn from each other.

       The most important thing to remember as you start this process is that you are developing relationships and a network of allies at the same time. Start with the people you know. And start early!!

       Here is a simple check list of the process.

1.    Write a succinct description of the event

    What is your event all about?

2.    Describe your audience:
    Who are they? Campus, alumni, students, faculty, all of the area schools, community, etc.

3.     List the benefits you can offer a sponsor.
  • Sponsor banner at event
  • Sponsor name on all ads announcing the event in local and school radio and newspapers.
  • Sponsor name on all flyers
  • Handout sponsor coupons/samples at event
  • Join presenter and your organization at a special pre - presentation dinner.
  • Free admission tickets for sponsors to give away to clients/employees
  • Audio announcement at event of sponsor's participation
  • Sponsor name on program
  • Sponsor name on opening credits of program

4.     Brainstorm potential sponsors: Businesses that want to attract college students.
    Campus book store, coffee houses, restaurants, car dealerships, grocery stores, sporting good stores, places students gather, c ollege health services, on-campus club or department, local ally groups (P-Flag, etc.).

5.     Communicate with the College Development Office
    After an initial plan has been developed, meet with someone from the Development Office of your school for their feedback (They do this for a living!). Ask for feedback and/or suggestions on agencies/businesses that you are planning on contacting or should contact. Communication is critical and your success is dependent upon it.

6.     Develop a simple public relations plan
    Press release, media list, Internet exposure: Estimate the coverage and number of people that the coverage will reach (College Relations can be a great resource!)

7.     Call potential sponsors
    Ask first if you caught them at a good time, if not when to call back. Describe the event in a few sentences and say, "we would like to be your partner." Ask for a meeting.

8.     Develop a sponsorship package.
  • Projections description
  • Material from presenter
  • Type and size of audience
  • Sample poster
  • Sample announcement
  • Sample press release
  • Media clips from similar events

9.     Write a pitch letter
  • Paragraph 1 - In one sentence describe the event and say that you would like them to be your partner
  • Paragraph 2 - Describe your audience and the planned publicity/advertisement
  • Paragraph 3 - Say what you want and what you can give in return; describe benefits by using bullet points

10.     Follow-Up
    Contact sponsor after event and relay how event went including: another big thank you to them, attendance, audience reaction, ill it be OK to contact them again in the future to help sponsor other events.


       If you have more suggestions or other ideas, please e-mail me, (gec at and I will include them here. We can all help each other.

       Also, If you would like to talk to me about what other colleges have done or bounce your ideas off me, feel free to do so. I work with college LGBT organizations all the time and would love to talk with you about your ideas.

       Remember, no matter how small your organization is or how little money you have to put on an event, YOU CAN DO IT! Others have before you and so can you.

       Good luck.

Debra Davis & the Gender Education Center
P.O. Box 1861, Maple Grove, MN 55311
gec at


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