Minnesota organizations

that help & support LGBT people.


Transgender - Education / Training Organization

Gender Education Center (GEC)

Educational outreach & support service providing resource information, presentations, workshops, education, training, and consulting on transgender issues.
Debra Davis, Executive Director
P.O. Box 1861
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Voice: (763) 424-5445
Fax: (763) 425-8595
E-Mail: gec at debradavis.org

Social/Support Organizations for Transgender People


A cabaret and party for the trans, genderqueer, and allied communities.
genderBLUR takes place at Patrick's Cabaret. In 2004 they plan to host
4 cabarets throughout the year, with other types of events interspersed.
For event details or for information on performing, or volunteering at an event,
see the web site.

Voice Mail: 612/823-1152

MN Transgender Health Coalition

The Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition is committed to improving health care access and the quality of health care received by trans and gender variant people through education, resources, and advocacy.
Voice Mail: 612-823-1152


TMen provides support, community and socializing for everyone on the transgender spectrum
who was assigned female at birth and no longer feels that is complete or accurate.
Voice Mail: 612/823-1152

City of Lakes Crossgender Community (CLCC)

A social/support organization for all transgendered people & their spouses/ partners & loved ones.
P.O. Box 14844
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Voice Mail: (651) 229-3613
E-Mail: clcc@clccmn.com

Tri-Ess Sorority, Tau Epsilon Mu Chapter

A Service, social & support group for crossdressers only, and their families.
P.O. Box 40126
St. Paul, MN 55104
Voice Mail:
      (612) 870-8536 - Twin Cities Metro
      1-877-4TR-IESS - Outstate MN, North & South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa.
      (360) 343-2638 - This is a TOLL call.

Arrowhead Transgender Group

A social and support group. "We are simply a bunch of people who share a gift for enhanced gender expression and wish to share it with others.
Duluth - Superior and surrounding area
Phone: (218) 722-8585

International Foundation for Gender Education, (IFGE)

A 1,000-member international organization providing public education on cross-dressing, transsexuality, and transgender issues. Publishes Transgender Tapestry, magazine.
(617) 899-2212

GLBT Youth Support and Information Organizations

Out For Good - Minneapolis Public Schools

Support Services for GLBT Students, Staff & Parents.
Minneapolis Public Schools, Student Services
807 N.E.Broadway
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 668-0183

Out for Equity - St. Paul Public Schools

Support Services for GLBT Students, Staff & Parents.
St Paul Public Schools
1930 Como Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108
(651) 603-4942

District 202, (GLBT Youth Center)

A safe haven for GLBT youth.
1601 Nicollet Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 871-5559

HELPLINE - Outfront Minnesota

Crisis Connection
310 E. 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55409
(612) 827-0127

PFund Foundation

LGBT Grants and Scholarships
1409 Willow Street, Suite 210
Minneapolis, MN 55403
612 870 1806
800 435 1402

Project Offstreets, GLBT Youth support group

212 - 2nd Street N.
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 338-3103

Sexual Violence Center

2100 Pillsbury Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 871-5100

Youth and AIDS Projects

428 Oak Grove St.
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 627-6820

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Programs Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs

For the U of M community (students, staff and faculty)
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
320 16th Ave. S.E. - 138 Klaeber Court
Minneapolis, MN 55455
(612) 625-0537
E-Mail: glbt @ maroon.tc.umn.edu

Support and Information Organizations for
Parents, Families and Friends

Rainbow Families
     Rainbow Families provides support, information, and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents and their children in the Upper Midwest, currently serving over 1500 families.

711 West Lake Street, #210
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 827-7731
(612) 822-2759 FAX

P-FLAG - Parents, Family,Friends of Lesbians & Gays
     Support group for GLBT parents, families & friends

Minneapolis/St. Paul
P.O. Box 19290
Minneapolis, MN 55419
(612) 825-1660

Alexandria, MN
(218) 943-1431

Grand Forks - ND
(701) 775-4447

Red Wing, MN
(651) 388-9610

Bemidji, MN
(812) 759-2556

Grand Rapids/
Itaska - MN
(800 800-0350

Rochester, MN
(507) 282-0484

Blue Earth, MN
(507) 526-3173

Mankato, MN
(507) 526-3173

St. Cloud, MN
(302) 251-4966

Duluth, MN
(218) 727-6455

Marshall, MN
(507) 537-0794

Southwest, MN
(507) 644-6855

Fargo/Moorhead, MN
(701) 232-8361

Northfield, MN
(507) 663-0510

Winona, MN
(507) 282-0484

Other Minnesota area
Support and Information Organizations
that may be of help

   Bisexual Organizing Project
   (612) 822-0127 ext. 503

   A Center for Women, offering many support groups and individual therapy
   (612) 871-2603

   Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere, Twin Cities Chapter
   (612) 822-0127 ext. 513

   Working to provide services and facilities for GLBT elders in the Twin Cities
   (612) 724-2313 (uses Spirit of the Lakes church phone line, leave a message)

   Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network
   (612) 729-5850

   Gay & Lesbian Elders Active in Minnesota
   (612) 822-4395

   Abuse Intervention Network (Family & Children's Services)

Minnesota AIDSLine
   Information and counseling (MN Aids Project-MAP)
   (612) 373-2437, (800) 248-2437

Minnesota Men of Color
   (612) 871-1788

Out in the Valley
   GLBT Group in the Saint Croix Valley
   (612) 822-0127, ext. 502

Quatrefoil Library
   GLBT community library and archives
   (651) 641-0969

Workplace Alliance
   GLBT employees group
   (612) 822-0969, ext. 501

If you find information that is not correct or phone numbers that are no longer working,
or know of an organization that we should add to this list,
please notify us at: -

gec at debradavis.org

Updated/Revised 2/2007


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