that include Gender Identity in their
Non-Discrimination Policy

This list is compiled from a number of Internet sources, phone calls, letters and e-mails to me from employees at various companies. We try to keep it as current as possible. If you have information to add to this list please let me know. Last update: April 14, 2002.


Employer Name - City, State

Agere Systems Inc. -
Allentown, PA
Airline Coach Services Inc. -
Burlingame, CA
AMR/American Airlines -
Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, TX
Ann Arbor, City of -
Ann Arbor, MI
Apple Computer -
Cupertino, CA
Arise Communications Inc. -
Oakland, CA
Atlanta, City of -
Atlanta, GA
Avaya Inc. -
Basking Ridge, NJ
Benton, County of -
Boulder, City of -
Boulder, CO
Cambridge, City of -
Cambridge, MA
Champaign, City of -
Champaign, IL
De Kalb, City of -
De Kalb, IL
Decatur, City of -
Decatur, GA
Denver, City of -
Denver, CO
Evanston, City of -
Evanston, IL
Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network -
Grand Rapids, City of -
Grand Rapids, MI
Harrisburg, City of -
Harrisburg, PA
Harrisburg, City of - Harrisburg, PA
Houston, City of -
Houston, TX
Human Rights Campaign -
Washington, DC
Huntington Woods, City of -
Huntington Woods, MI
Iowa City, City of -
Iowa City, IA
Jefferson, County of -
Kalamazoo Gay & Lesbian Resource Ctr. -
Kalamazoo, MI
Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund -
New York, NY
Lexington, City of -
Lexington, KY
Lexmark International Inc. -
Lexington, KY
Log Cabin Republican -
Washington, DC
Louisville, City of -
Louisville, KY
Lucent Technologies -
Murray Hill, NJ
Madison, City of -
Madison, WI
MarketDerby -
San Francisco, CA
Minneapolis, City of -
Minneapolis, MN
Morrison & Foerster -
San Francisco, CA
Multnomah, County of -
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
- Washington, DC
NCR Corp. -
Dayton, OH
New Orleans, City of -
New Orleans, LA
New York, City of - New York, NY
Olympia, City of -
Olympia, WA
Online Partners -
San Francisco, CA
Peace Learning Center -
Indianapolis, IN
Pittsburgh, City of -
Pittsburgh, PA
PlanetOut.com -
San Francisco, CA
Portland, City of -
Portland, OR
Pride Foundation -
Seattle, WA
Replacements Ltd. -
Greensboro, NC
Rochester, City of -
Rochester, NY
San Francisco, City of -
San Francisco, CA
Santa Cruz, City of -
Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz, County of -
Seattle, City of -
Seattle, WA
St. Paul, City of -
St. Paul, MN
State Bar of Texas -
Austin, TX
State of California -
State of Connecticut -
State of Illinois -
State of Massachusetts -
State of Minnesota -
State of New Jersey -
State of New York -
State of Rhode Island -
Suffolk, County of -
The Aerospace Corp. -
El Segundo, CA
Toledo, City of -
Toledo, OH
Trillium Asset Management -
Boston, MA
Tucson, City of -
Tucson, AZ
Urbana, City of -
Urbana, IL
Washington, City of -
Washington, DC
West Hollywood, City of -
West Hollywood, CA
Worldspan -
Atlanta, GA
Xerox Corp. -
Stamford, CT
York, City of -
York, PA
Ypsilanti, City of -
Ypsilanti, MI


American Airlines

Employee Resource Group (ERG): GLEAM - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Employees at AMR Corporation.
Non-discrimination policy: Is believed to protect transgender.
Anecdotal evidence: Is reported to have a long history of treating transsexuals "very well."

Apple Computer
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
Apple Lambda recently modified their charter to include transgenders. 
Non-discrimination policy: Apple recently has modified their anti-discrimination policy to include this wording: "Apple is an equal opportunity employer, and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity characteristics or expression, disability, medical condition, U.S. Military or veteran status in recruiting, hiring, training and promoting. All other aspects of employment such as compensation, benefits, transfers, terminations, layoffs, recalls, training, tuition assistance, social and recreational programs, etc., shall continue to be administered so as to reflect the above policy. Certain states may cover additional groups and, in those states, Apple extends its EEO policy of non-discrimination to those groups."  
Anecdotal evidence:One reporter notes that she transitioned on the job at Apple, and the letter the company wrote for her coming out was incorporated (sans identifying information) into True Selves (Millie Brown and Lin Fraser, ISBN 0-7879-0271-2) as the sample letter to give to employers of their clients. In addition, the reporter's health insurance covered all her medical expenses, save for SRS and labiaplasty. In addition, the reporter was able to use a medical slush fund (funded with pre-tax compensation) to cover expenses not covered by insurance. The administrator of the fund refused, until directed otherwise by Apple's Human Resources department, to allow the fund to be used for these purposes.

Employee Resource Group (ERG):
LEAGUE - Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgendered United Employees; the name speaks for itself.  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: Is reported to have treated transsexuals well.

Babson College
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: One transsexual professor who transitioned recently has been profiled favorably in the school's newspaper, the Babson Free Press.

Bell Atlantic
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
GLOBE, recently (1998) added transgender to its mission statement, and is undertaking a program of educating the membership about what it means to be transgender-inclusive. 
Non-discrimination policy: Although Bell Atlantic's broad employment discrimination policy does not cover transgender explicitly, it does prohibit discrimination, including harassment, for reasons not directly related to work. 
Anecdotal evidence: Some employees are known to have transitioned on the job. The ERG's board of directors includes one openly transgender person specifically charged with advancing the interests of transgenders in and for the organization, and who dresses relatively androgynously on-the-job.   Recently, in anticipation of hiring a transgender individual, two members of GLOBE, including the transgender board member, were consulted regarding how to make the individual's transition to being a Bell Atlantic employee as pleasant as possible. 

Compaq Computer
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
Compaq PLUS is officially transgender-inclusive.  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: DEC enjoyed a long history of being a front runner in transgender friendliness, and anecdotal evidence abounds. What is not yet ascertained, however, is the effect DEC's acquisition by Compaq will have.  

Digital Equipment Corporation See Compaq Computer

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Employee Resource Group (ERG): No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: One reporter, whose transition was "very public," was the first to transition and 'they weren't sure what to do." This reporter notes that they have no desire to change her gender identification in all her records, but rather to have her fill out a whole new set of documents as if she were beginning employment.

Employee Resource Group (ERG):
IGLOBE - Intel Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Employees is officially transgender-inclusive.  
Non-discrimination policy: From individuals to ideas, Intel champions diversity. We believe that the wide-ranging cultures, perspectives and experiences of our workforce are key to the success of our company and our people.
Intel respects and values the unique perspectives and opportunities that a diverse workforce provides. We also welcome diversity in our customers, our suppliers and the global marketplace. Our Principles for Responsible Business reflect our commitment to provide equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees without regard to non-job-related factors such as: Race or color, Religion, Gender, National origin or ancestry, Age, Marital status, Gender identity, Sexual, Disability.
This policy applies to all areas of employment, including recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfer and social and recreational programs. Intel prohibits harassment of any individual on any of the bases listed above.
Anecdotal evidence: E-mail from intel employee to GEC telling of supportive policies.

International Business Machines (IBM)
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
IBM EAGLE (Employee Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Equality) is not yet sanctioned officially, and is not yet officially transgender inclusive.   However, one transgender individual reports that EAGLE was helpful during her transition.  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: One informant reports that IBM's policy towards Transgender was highlighted in "Transsexuals in the Workplace- A Guide for Employers," an article that appeared in Gender Expressions Magazine. The article goes back at least 5 years. The article addressed the humanity and (increased) value of TG employees. IBM also recognized the sovereignty and value of GLB employees as far back as the mid 70's, long before it was "in and chic."

Lucent Technologies
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
EQUAL! is officially and openly transgender inclusive. 
Non-discrimination policy: In 1997, Lucent Technologies has taken the lead in effecting explicit protections for transgenders. In fact, their new, revised policy protects crossdressers, transsexuals and intersexuals. In addition, and perhaps of greatest interest to trans-activists working in the corporate environment, is a glossary behind the policy which defines the new terms in the policy. 
Anecdotal evidence: Several transgender employees are becoming increasingly open while at work.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: One prominent activist in the gender community left her job at the Department of Public Health for a full-time position at a local queer youth organization, prior to transitioning. However, despite dressing ambiguously and not actually transitioning (MtF), this individual experienced no difficulty convincing her co-workers to use her preferred (feminine) pronoun. Another reporter, a crossdresser, interviewed for a position at the Department of Public Health. In the course of the interview, the interviewer said, "We have gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders here," and then asked, "Is that going to be a problem for you?"

Employee Resource Group (ERG):
From the Microsoft website: "Microsoft's oldest employee group is the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender group, which dates back to 1988. This group of employees pursues Microsoft's vision of equal opportunity for all employees without regard to sexual orientation. It seeks to enhance Microsoft's success by promoting a work environment that accepts and respects the diversity of its employees." 
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: No data:  

Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: Reportedly handles transgender issues "very well," and has one transwoman who transitioned and "is well supported." Reportedly, Jay Leno asked this woman if one trans-joke was offensive.

OAO Corporation
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No ERGs believed to exist.  
Non-discrimination policy: Sexual orientation in EEOP, significant others protected under OAO insurance policy, no explicit gender identity language at present.  
Anecdotal evidence: One employee reports that "OAO has over 3500 employees internationally and has had 'significant other' coverage for at least the last ten years and sexual orientation protections since it was founded. I am the first person who has approached management about transgender issues and about transitioning on the job. OAO has gone out of its way to accommodate me for the transition. Management has been extremely supportive and I have received absolutely no 'flack' from anyone within the company, just solid support. OAO also approached its clients who deal with me directly and advised them that I would be servicing their contracts as a woman. OAO has not explicitly added 'gender identity' to its EEOP, but the overall attitude has been an equivalent to 'de facto' non-discrimination. If OAO finds that there are more transgender individuals within its organization I have no doubt that gender identity would be added to the EEOP; but since I am the first and currently only one 'out' to management, modifying the EEOP has not been identified as a necessary issue."

Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: Is reported to make transitioning on the job "workable," though another individual reports less positively: "three employees have transitioned on the job in the northeast between 1997 and present. Treatment of the employees varied greatly, some middle management was unsupportive, while other middle management was helpful. Human resources was unhelpful during transition. Raytheon medical policies paid for three surgeries, though now Raytheon is trying to drop coverage for TS. The company claims to be an employee of choice for diversity , but is headed the other way"

Rueben H. Donnelley
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: One respondent reports that one transitioned on the job with the full support of their Human Resources department.

Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: In early 1998, Rutgers expanded its non-discrimination policy to include "people who have changed or are in the process of changing their sex."  
Anecdotal evidence: No data:

Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: No data, though the website states that "An important part of strength in an organization comes through diversity in all its meanings - racial and cultural, abilities and disabilities, aptitudes and attitudes."    
Anecdotal evidence: One person who is working with the Human Resources department to transition on the job reports that "Human Resources is working very hard to make this as comfortable for me as possible."

Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant - Taunton MA
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: One person who transitioned on the job reported that the company "supported me to the extent of telling other employees if they don't like it there are other places to work.   The job is civil service so that may play a large role in their acceptance of me."

Employee Resource Group (ERG):
United at United includes transgender its mission statement.  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: No data:

Union Carbide (soon to merge with Dow Chemical)
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence:  According to one reporter, "Union Carbide and I are working together in my transition.  The plant Doctor and I are setting new ground for my situation.  I ask him if there was any policies regarding transgender issued and if there were any policies regarding these issues.  He looked at me and said, 'You are the policy.'  That was very cool with me.  Others I work with, (about 150 (blue collar) daily with the possibility of a couple of thousand through out the plants) have to and are calling me by my preferred name.  Some are not calling me anything, and are doing their best to stay away from me.  Union Carbide has a very strict policy with discrimination and harassment." 

University of Iowa
Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: The University has a non-discrimination policy that "prohibits discrimination in employment and in educational programs and activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference."  
Anecdotal evidence: No data:

Employee Resource Group (ERG):
No data:  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: One individual reports that she transitioned on the job in 1998 and was accepted 100% and "supported by Wendy's management in all ways."   In addition, "there was one incident in which an employee constantly harassed me and I filed a complaint with management and this employee was written up two times and the third time was told if he could not live working with me then he could not work for Wendy's."   The reporting individual was named Employee of the Month in early 1999.  

Employee Resource Group (ERG):
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees at Weyerhaeuser reportedly addresses transgender issues.  
Non-discrimination policy: No data:  
Anecdotal evidence: Weyerhauser is reported to have taken a stand that discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated, but has not specifically cited transgenders in their list. However, folks have transitioned at Weyerhaeuser and these transitions have, to one reporter's knowledge, been handled in a professional, friendly and discreet manner.


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