about Gender Identity in the Workplace

What should we need to be thinking about


*       An employee or manager sitting in your office informs you that they are transgender and want to transition at work. They want to keep the same job and will continue to work hard and be effective with clients and costomers, but must work in the persona that they believe to be true. They ask that you help them in the process. What do you do? Where do you start?

*       Are you unsure about how to handle transgender people, or employees or customers reaction to them in your workplace?

*       Do you know what protections transgender people have in MN according to the Human Rights Act? How do these affect your organization?

*       Do your company's policies conflict with the Human Rights Act when it comes to sexual identity and gender orientation issues?

*       Is your workplace free of harassment and hostile work environment issues when it comes to transgender employees?

*       Are protections under the Human Rights Act the same for transsexuals as they are for masculine women? Are they the same for crossdressers?

*       How do your organizations policies address transgender employees who identify as: transsexual, transgendered, bi-gendered, crossdressers, gender benders, gender variant, masculine women, feminine men, etc?

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