Debra's dynamic, interactive presentation will offer useful information and tools to people who know nothing about Transgender issues, and to those who already "know-it-all!" She provides a place for people to ask questions, challenge assumptions, examine myths and stereotypes, and learn what these labels and words mean. Time will be given to examine the concept of multiple identities and being differently gendered. Further, she will discuss what happens when diverse identities collide.

      Workplace issues that could develop during the transition process will be discussed in detail along with possible solutions. The issue of "being out of the closet" as a transgender educator in secondary education will be discussed in the context of personal and professional boundaries when sharing information that others may find too personal or inappropriate.

      She will discuss family, friends and workplace issues and how these relationships change when our gender changes. Her very public transition, as a librarian in a large city high school, will be examined along with the extreme right's struggle with the fact that Debra was successful in her job as a transgender person. She talks about being true to ourselves and the empowerment of living our lives as out and proud people. When we share our life experiences with each other, we can all gain strength and hope.

      Participants will leave the presentation with a better understanding of terms related to gender orientation and gender identity, and a new or renewed comfort level for talking about these complicated issues.

       Some of the topics that have been explored during the interactive parts of the presentation include:

Self-worth and the power of self-esteem.
Building self-esteem through sharing.
Finding our inner strength.
The importance of being comfortable with who we are.
Honoring ourselves as individuals.
The politics of gender.
Power and privilege.
Activism and making change.
The laws and courts.
Religion and spirituality.
Feminism and gender rigidity.
Allies, how we build coalitions and communities.
The gender continuum - crossdressers to transsexuals.
Expanding our definitions of diversity and gender.
The concepts of cross living, hormones and surgery.
Gender Reassignment Surgery - what it's all about.
Life transition from male to female & female to male.
Living as a woman vs. living as a man.
Experiencing the workplace as a woman & as a man.
Family, loved ones, friends, neighbors, and work associates.
Life as a public target for extreme right wing politics.
Making schools safe and excepting places for GLBT students, staff and parents.

      Any of the above topics can also be the basis of a workshop or presentation depending on the situation. Debra also does a variety of other workshops around gender identity issues in the workplace as well as a variety of GLBT issues. Give us a call and we'll explore the possibilities.

For more information contact:

Debra Davis
Executive Director, Gender Education Center &
Retired High School Media Specialist
P.O. Box 1861, Maple Grove, MN 55311
Home office: 763/424-5445 - info at

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